Ultrasurf 10.06

developed by UltraReach

Free | 0.456 MB
Ultrasurf 10.06 by UltraReach
Size: 0.456 MB
Price: Free
Downloads last week: 19
Operating System: Windows 7, Windows, Windows Vista
Publisher: UltraReach
Release Date: 2011-03-08

Publisher’s Description

UltraSurf is a free software which enables users inside countries with heavy Internet censorship to visit any public web sites in the world safely and freely. Users in countries without internet censorship also use it to protect their internet privacy and security.
With UltraSurf started, you can use web browsers (like IE, Firefox) the same as before, but all are under UltraSurf\'s protection now.

Features include:
- Privacy: Protect Internet privacy with anonymous surfing and browsing -- hide IP addresses and locations, clean browsing history, cookies & more
- Security: Completely transparent data transfer and high level encryption of the content allow you to surf the web with high security
- Freedom: UltraSurf (u98, u99, u97, u96, u95, u94) allows you to overcome the censorship and blockage on the Internet. You can browse any website freely, so as to obtain true information from the free world

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